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Happy news for Latex users
by System Administrator - Friday, 7 July 2017, 12:07 PM

Now you can easily type equations and mathematical formula using Latex plugin inside text editor. 



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Teaching Purpose for III Semester MCom Students

for teaching purpose 

This course is designed to improve the knowledge of students regarding certain concepts of grammar through an innovative way. Studies prove that internalization of grammatical concepts can be more effective with the use of chants or songs in the classrooms. The students will learn "Time and Tense", "Question Tag", "Parts of Speech", "Conjunction" by setting it to tune, which will enable them to effectively perform well in their exams and everyday conversation.

The objective of this course is to introduce the OOPS concepts and acquaint with OOPS based programming language C++.

Plant Anatomy features the study of gross internal structure of plant organs. 

Topological Spaces, Basis for a topology, Subspace topology, Closed sets and Limit points, Continuous Functions and homeomorphisms, Product Topology, Quotient Topology.


Connected spaces, Components and Local Connectedness, Path connectedness, Compact spaces, Local compactness, Compactifications.


The Countability and Separation axioms, The Urysohn Lemma, The Urysohn Metrization Theorem, The Tietze Extension Theorem, Tychonoff Theorem.